During these trying times, many people find themselves in a position where they cannot make their monthly mortgage payments.  In most cases, if you continue to default on these payments, the bank or mortgage lender may foreclose on your property, ultimately ending in the sale of your home at a foreclosure auction.  Help is available!

In some cases, upon notice of a foreclosure action, a person may immediately vacate their home.  Over time, the property falls into disrepair, causing a blight in the community.  In these instances, we strive to decrease the amount of vacant and abandoned properties in the City of Lackawanna by putting pressure on the banks and mortgage lenders to step in and ensure these properties are being maintained.

Lackawanna Zombie Property Task Force

The Lackawanna Zombie Property Task Force is focused on addressing and preventing the growing number of properties in the City of Lackawanna that have been foreclosed upon and have become vacant and abandoned--"zombie properties."

The Task Force also strives to assist homeowners who may be in default of their mortgage payments, or have already had their homes foreclosed upon.  With the use of community outreach programs and collaborations with local agencies, confidential and low-to-no-cost services may be at your disposal.