Thousands of people like you can have trouble making the next mortgage payment. Through things may seem hopeless, there is help available! However, you need to take the first step! If you ignore the problem you may lose your home to foreclosure, possibly affecting your ability to qualify for credit to purchase or rent another home.

It may be out of reach to carry out actions with the idea that every vacant and abandoned property can be prevented. The solution to the growing number of vacant properties within the city cannot be found through demolition or rehabilitation of every vacant structure. The assistance from programs designed to address mortgage defaults and foreclosures would provide the opportunity for early intervention. Educational outreach programs inform residents of the resources currently available. NYS Attorney Generals Homeowner Protection Program ("HOPP") and the Mortgage Assistance Program ("MAP") can help individuals and families with assistance and support in a time of need.

Lackawanna Zombie Property Task Force

Lackawanna Zombie Task Force is focused on addressing and preventing the growing number of *Zombie and vacant properties in the City of Lackawanna. The task force reaches out to homeowners who are in default or in the process of foreclosure, though community outreach programs and collaboration with local agencies to provide confidential and low (if no cost) services from community providers.

*Zombie Properties are properties where the owner has abandoned or vacated, due to notice of default or commencement for the foreclosure process. This leaves the property in legal limbo.

“Let us help you!”

We are an outreach program run by the Department of Development for the City of Lackawanna with funding provided by the New York State Attorney General’s Office and services though the Local Initiative Support Corporation "LISC".

We are located at:
714 Ridge Road
Rm. 309 Lackawanna, N.Y. 14218

To submit complaints/ identify Zombie Properties:
Zombie Hotline: (716) 827-6475